Sales keep rising in Estepona

Sales in Costa Del Sol keep Rising

Sales keep rising in Estepona, after a period of years the situation recovers the normal status.

Despite Brexit Sales Trend Keep Growing

After initial alert, when we woke up one morning with news about Brexit votation, the market keep working. The number of properties sold in Malaga province rises, also mortgages approvals.

Sales keep rising in Estepona


You can find repositions from banks, second hand or a number of new developments, different products for different Clients.

What is a fact is that, other nationalities increase the list of people moving to this area. Weather, lifestyle and good communication with rest of Europe make it an attractive offer.

Which Is The Fair Price?

The current market talks, average price per square meter in Malaga reach 1500€/m2. This number shows a soft dependency on the number of bedrooms.

Of course this is an average of thousand of properties within Malaga, if you are thinking about coastal houses, the average price goes to 1700€/m2.

Who Is Buying?

The last numbers from Notaries show foreign buyer weight 50% in the market. If we consider resident or non-resident foreigner we see diferences.

Sales keep rising in Estepona

For the non-resident foreigner the number havs rocketed. Chineses and Moroccan were the higher increase considering the whole country. 70% and 50% respectively.

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